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5353e8_8543e2e2e117499a9102b57c18fe5abb-mv2_d_5472_3648_s_4_2Nexus Pictures produces both video and still images for corporate, social, advertising and broadcast whether that’s for multinational brands, agencies, start up companies or individuals. The company comprises a team of highly talented, creative individuals, all of whom are really approachable, dedicated and love what they do. It’s a small company, but with a superb network covering many disciplines within the industry. Between us, we can take your project, however large or small, from the spark of an idea to a fully-finished, delivered piece of work that can start to make a difference to your business from the moment it’s deployed.


Some projects only require a single operator (or self shooter) for a few hours; others need a comprehensive production team to help dream up a concept, write a script, plan the shoot, capture it all and then work their magic in post. Whatever your project needs to make it work, we have the experience and the capability to deliver it on time, on budget while hopefully exceeding your expectations.


There’s no typical project and there’s definitely more than one way to approach it, but we like to be as methodical as possible so that there are no surprises when we start to shoot, which is why we tend to ask a lot of questions during the briefing process. You’ll find our process, is straightforward, logical and above all, clear.


If you’re used to making films, this will all make sense; if you’re fairly new to all this and it seems a bit intimidating and an easy way to burn through a marketing budget, then why not start by giving us a call, with no obligation.


And yes, we operate drones too!


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