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At Nexus Pictures we create compelling stories through still and moving images. We work across a number of industry sectors, we love the work we do and yes we love our clients too! But although we have a great time creating this content, we never lose sight of the fact that every beautifully shot, carefully lit, expertly graded frame we produce is there to do a job.


We live in the age of the moving image. Businesses need websites from which to promote themselves and every website gives customers better experiences if they offer video, whether that’s making the site easier to find through Google and YouTube, now the world’s second largest search engine, or making the information they’ve come to find more accessible, memorable and enjoyable. In fact 60% of people say that they would prefer to watch a video rather than read text.

Video can help businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, to position themselves in the market in a way that was much harder and more expensive to achieve using traditional print-based media.

Nexus Pictures offers an end-to-end video production service, from planning, scripting and storyboarding, through to post-production. With our roots in marketing, advertising, digital imaging and the feature film industry, we have the experience, skills and equipment to help your business, however large or small, to flourish.

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